Why sell Bellissimo?

It’s Tasty
It’s Local
It uses the best ingredients
Bellissimo believes in making the best ice cream using only the finest ingredients. Our ice cream is made in Bangladesh and we are proud of being the first national ice cream brand that uses natural products, real milk fat and real fruit flavours. We offer many different flavours including ones that never been seen before in Bangladesh.

How can you sell our products?

Restaurants / Hotels / Cafe

We are proud to work with some of the finest food retailers, cafes and restaurants in Bangladesh. If you are interested in serving Bellissimo ice cream at your establishment, we can help you get set up quickly and easily.

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Retail Shop / Distributor

We are passionate about quality ice cream, and we want to share our commitment with you. Our ice cream is made locally, maintaining the highest international quality standards, using only the best ingredients. We create new, fun flavours, never seen before in Bangladesh. We want to make sure that your customers will always keep coming back for more.

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